We are able to provide high quality products to a very high specification in a wide variety of materials.  We supply precision machined parts to the aerospace industry, healthcare and oil and gas industries.  Hewnett Precision work with customers and can offer design advice and engineering solutions.

We have a 410 diameter maximum and 3mm minimum turning capabilities.

Hewnett Precision can offer the essential service of providing overspill to customers who work to maximum capacity so as not to disappoint their clients. This strengthens working customer relations with other local and national engineering companies.

Hewnett Precision complete large batch orders and are able to provide a stock holding facility so customers can be supplied with items previously ordered immediately. We keep a range of material on site to allow for some urgent manufacturing requests.

As well as machining parts, Hewnett Precision offers a range of engineering services, such as nickel plating, part marking and blacking.


Nickel plating:

  • It creates a corrosion resistant coating that will protect the base metal from oxidizing and rusting.
  • It can increase the hardness and thus the durability of mechanical parts and tools.
  • It can allow you to solder to difficult metals.
  • It can create a variety of beautiful decorative finishes that range from a chrome-like gleam, to brushed stainless steel colour, to a metallic black. It just so happens that black nickel plating is used frequently in aerospace applications

Individual requirements can be discussed with one of our skilled team.